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Who are we?

We are a company that entertains the esport audience
We are developing Etonax, a product that gamifies esport tournaments
It’s encompassing the whole esports ecosystem bringing an interactive and rewarding way to inspire and motivate more active and engaged tournament viewers.

What is Etonax about?

When esports teams compete in matches, Etonax players compete in battles and earn points based on real stats and results. You choose a player to represent you and based on their performance you win or lose.
Watch the matches live or stream it, no matter where you are you can play Etonax, but make sure to have connection - it will be funnier that way.

Earn rewards

When performing good you earn rewards, which you can use in your next battle. Create a strategy when you boost your player and climb your way to the top of the leaderboard. It's up to you who you want to challenge! Pick the number one player or the user above you.

Our app is free to use and you can climb to the top completely on your own. But be aware there are in-app purchase items.

Download the app

We currently have a beta version for both iOS and Android. To get an introduction, watch our video and when you have tested the app please let us know what you think?

The team

Tobias Håkansson, CEO

- Business focus
- 15 years experience
- Developer background
- Company builder

Caroline Gustafsson,
UX/UI Designer

- Product focus
- 5 years experience
- Passion for marketing
- Creative human

Niklas Dahlman, CTO

- Development focus
- 20 years experience
- Both corporate & start-up
- Fancy algorithms

The king of the tribe

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